How do you like your steak?

grilled-steak-sandwich2If you’re business owner, and wondering what you want from social media, you could always think of how you like your meat grilled. Let me tell you a little story to explain.

The good old Kiwi summer

Summers in New Zealand are synonymous with sun, swimming, and sizzling barbecues. My childhood summers were typical of any other 1980’s kiwi kid; playing gutterball and bullrush, eating Mr Whippy ice creams after chasing the truck around the block, and playing cricket in front of a rubbish bin with every other child on the street.

Everyone knew their neighbours, so backyard barbies were common, with each family taking a turn hosting. Whenever it was our turn, my parents would scorch each piece of meat to within an inch of it’s life, and never cooked steak any other way.

In turn, that was how I thought meat should be cooked, and I never thought anything of it until I got older. My first job was washing dishes at the local steakhouse, and after a week of working there, they offered me my first staff lunch (steak & chips). When I told them them I wanted it well done, they looked at me like I committed a criminal offense. I then proceeded to be given a lesson on the different degrees of cooking steak.

I didn’t quite understand it fully at that time, but a few years later I got a job as a chef; the amount of times that a customer argued the steak was over/under cooked was astonishing. It took me a while to understand that how you have steak is a matter of personal preference and choice, and at the end of the day, the person that has the most control is the one doing the cooking.

Have it your way

Deciding how to use social media for business is a lot like choosing how to cook your steak. Do you just want to dabble and use a bit of Facebook and Twitter? Then you’ll just want the 2-3 minute, rare steak. If you really want to get something to dig your teeth into, and try a whole heap of tools that social media has to offer, you better give your steak an extra 4 minutes on each side.

There is no right or wrong way; social media is your steak to cook as you please. The main thing is that you enjoy it when it’s done.

What’s your recipe for success with social media?


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